Partial Nail Avulsion
Total Nail Avulsion
with local anaesthetic

Permanent removal of one or both sides of a painful ingrowing nail or total removal of the nail.


A local anaesthetic is injected near the toenail to numb the toe so that the procedure is painless. If you have ever had an allergic or adverse reaction to an anaesthetic before it is extremely important to mention this.

Once the area is numb, the troublesome section of the nail is removed. To prevent the nail from growing again a strong chemical is then applied to the nail matrix to destroy the nail producing cells. The toe is then dressed.

After the Nail Surgery

  • You need to rest with your foot up for a few days after the procedure, especially on Days 1 and 2
  • The procedure must be carried out at least 8 weeks prior to any holidays
  • Comfortable shoes/sandals should be worn for 6 weeks or more
  • High heels should not be worn for several weeks
  • Your activity must be modified for 4-8 weeks after the procedure while healing occurs

Nail Surgery Example (see picture)

Permanent removal of the medial side (inside) of the left big toenail.